About Us

Spin Air Systems, one of the pioneer in the filed of Textile Humidification, Automatic Waste Collection Systems and Plant Automation, undertake wholesome project duly backed by our experienced team of Engineers having an experience of more than 24 years in Air Engineering technology.

To begin with, an initial survey is taken to access the location, size of the mill, their total spindle-age for spinning unit and for loom shed number of looms, make of the machine, work force, power consumption etc., for submitting a provisional drawing followed by a detailed discussion.

Based on the psychometric principle and the altitude of the site from sea level, we also undertake Humidification & Ventilation Systems incorporating chillers to attain both RH and temperature.

Spin Air Humidification Plant plays a very vital role in deciding the quality, efficiency of the men and machine and to a great extent on the raw materials processed and finished goods.

Spin Air completely abreast of the entire range of latest Textile machineries and the systems are designed based on the production characteristics. The energy efficient Axial Flow Fans are developed indigenously with aerodynamic design for result orient output, delivery and lower power consumption.

Dust Removal Systems, Air Washer Systems, Intermitted Waste Collection Systems, Continuous Waste Collection Systems etc., with Spin Air filters are highly efficient and economical which improves the efficiency of the machines with low consumption of power.

In addition to these and based on their in-depth experience backed by a technical team, Spin Air
have developed and achieved a product namely “Pre-fabricated” tailor made Air Washer systems with a capacity
of 65000CMH.The system a movable type involves(minimum) civil work.

Further, depending upon the market condition and also considering the customers need, Spin Air have introduced low cost, quality and result oriented systems to minimize the project cost for the buyers, the result of which, have achieved a sizable market share both in India as well as in the neighboring countries. A list of our customers is enclosed for kind information.

Technical expertise, qualified engineers, skilled work force, all work in perfect harmony to give Spin Air the cutting edge, keeping abreast of evolving trends and technologies. Over the years, it has remarkably faced the challenge of catering to our reputed clients throughout India and neighboring countries.

We have launched a new product called CAPTURE CLEANING CHEMICAL as an easy removing solution of the micro dust from the Rotary Air filter, Static filter and AWES filters which can enhance the overall performance of the plants.

This is an IMPORTED chemical powder which can be used in Textiles, Hotels, Hospitals, Transports and Aviation for the purpose of micro dust removal.

In our spinning industry it can be very well and easily used in both AWES and H PLANT filters for removing micro dust particles which will be directly reflecting on cost.

As of now the micro dust is getting accumulated in the filter Medias which is not able to clean very easily and with the result a hindrance for the easy air flow consequently increases the load resulting less performance of the plant.

By proper method and usage of the ODOUR less, hazard less chemical powder this micro dust comes out easily from its position and the air flow will be facilitated easily which gives the following indirect advantages: