Rotary Air Filter

Rotary air filter for handling high volume of air laden with fiber and dust. Fluff and dust arrested on the filtering media is sucked by sliding nozzles and are transported to the collection bags for easy disposal. Continuous filtering and cleaning enables uniform flow of return at constant pressure. Continuous automatic cleaning to avoid choking of filter media. Special filter media to capture micro dust. Variety of filter are selected depending upon the duty condition, viz polyurethane foam, non woven material etc., Automatic suction with microprocessor based controller and differential pressure sensor

Axial Flow Fan

The fan impellers are specially designed for high static pressure and better efficiency, cost out of aluminium alloy. The blades are dynamically balanced. The blades are site adjustable from 12.5˚ to 30˚

Aluminium Dampers

The outer casing is made of heavy gauge GI sheets, aerofoil aluminium extruded blades and ABS linking arrangements for smooth operation to suit the Auto Control with Actuators.

Spray Nozzles With Clamp

PVC Non-clog Nozzles with Stainless steel orifice and SS clamp with various sizes and type.

Air Washer

The System is specially designed for higher efficiency; fine spray is acheived by special spray nozzles made of ABS material with stainless steel Orifice and clamps for easy maintenance and long life.

Mist Eliminator

The Mist Eliminator eliminates water particles in the single pass of air. The PVC fins offer less resistance to air flow besides being light and durable.

Prefabricated Air Washer

Pre-fabricated” tailor made Air Washer systems with a capacity starts from 25000CMH to 85000CMH.The system a movable type involves (minimum) civil work.

Fully automation with VFD (Fan Speed control)

Pump & Fan ON/OFF control based on the relative humidity, based on the drybulp temperature fresh air /return air/Exhaust air damper can be modulated.

CFM monitor

Rotary air filter dust collection compactor fan can switched ON/OFF based on the Dust level.

SMS Mobile Alert systems

Department RH & Temp abnormal alarm status to be indicated in your mobile

Computerized Humidity & Temperature recording

Department/outside Relative humidity & Temperature computerized recording with report generation.

Centralized monitoring and control station

All the plant operation and monitoring, recording in a single location with graphical animated display.

Auto Control Systems :

Semi Automation

Pump & Fan ON/OFF control based on the relative humidity Single Pump/Two pump/ Two Fan ON/OFF controls.

Fully Automation

Pump & Fan ON/OFF control based on the relative humidity Single Pump/Two pump/ Two Fan ON/OFF controls.

Automatic & Centralized Waste Removal:

Pre Fab AWES


Microdust Compactor

Secondary - Filter